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Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Great Lyrics... Part 1

Been listening to a mix tape in the car this week (hey - I'm an 80's child!), and decided this song has really great lyrics - great enough to share!
It's quite an obscure Cure song, taken off the X-Files soundtrack. I get obsessed about song lyrics on a regular basis so this is part one in a long series to come...

More Than This – The Cure

For a second of your life
Tell me if it’s true
I'm waiting for a sign
It's all I want of you
You heart hides a secret
A promise of what is
Something more than this

Just a second of your time
Any one will do
A taste of any other
Is all I want from you
Offer me the world
How can I resist
Something more than this

Make believe in magic
Make believe in dreams
Make believe impossible
Nothing as it seems
To see touch taste smell hear
But never know if it’s real

For a second of you life
Tell me if it’s true
Anywhere we are
It's all I want of you
In your lips lies a secret
A promise of a kiss
Or something more than this