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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

A Month of Veganism - Day 1

Ok, well day one went well and I'm feeling great!

Definitely already have more energy than I've had the last few days (which makes sense since the only sugar I've had the whole day was 2 spoons in my coffee). My pancreas seems happier... ;)

Breakfast was oats with rice milk - and it really filled me up until lunchtime.

Lunch was a soy hotdog on a wholewheat roll - delicious!

It's now dinner time but I'm still full from snacking on some almonds earlier so might just skip it.

I admit I am missing my chocolate but I know I just have to get through the first few days and that will go away... onward!


Blogger Emm said...

Well done Dori! The only thing I can recommend is not to skip meals as being hungry can topple any diet (or sensible / ethical eating plan).

6:50 pm

Blogger durchell said...

Here's to day 2! PS: what about dark chocolate?

10:54 pm

Blogger dori said...

@durchell (do I know you?) - I really don't like dark chocolate but am getting close to wanting it...

1:41 pm


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