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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Resurrecting the blog: A Month of Veganism

So yes, it's been years since I've used this blog... but instead of creating more virtual real estate I decided to revisit it for the purpose of blogging about my latest experiment - a month of veganism.

The idea: 30 days of following a strictly vegan diet (2-31 Jan).
That's it really. Quite simple in theory but we'll see how easy it is to execute. I expect it to be quite a challenge!

Meat I can live without - it's the eggs and the dairy I'll miss the most.
And the chocolate! :(

So why am I doing this? Various reasons, the main ones being the need to get back to eating healthy and the desire to try something new (am so bored with my current food routine). And of course it's the challenge...

Anyway, I'm not embarking on this alone - my friend T is joining me (she was actually partly the inspiration for this project).

Watch this space... I'll be doing (hopefully) daily updates on our progress.


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