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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Worst Books of 2006

I forgot, I did read a couple of awful book last year! The only reason I stuck the one out was because my mother begged me to (I have since decided we have very different taste!) - and it was a holiday read so it didn't really matter. The other was Bret Easton Ellis, who has totally lost it in my opinion...

The Last Nazi by Stanley Pottinger
This book is stupid, horrible and extremely predictable. My mother said it has "lots of amazing twists". It doesn't. Don't read it.

Lunar Park by Bret Easton Ellis
As much as I disliked this book and as much as it disturbed me (and not in the usual 'normal' Bret Easton Ellis disturbing way either), I still admit he's a very good writer - and I will probably read his next book! Lunar Park starts out great, but then it suffers from the same fate as his previous book, Glamorama - and that is that it seemed to me that he had NO idea what do with the stories and they ended really stupidly. Unless I'm really missing something...


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